Custom Orders

Evol Soul wants to work with your band or business or group to create merchandise you can sell or use to promote your business. 

We currently do this with promotional buttons, stickers, patches 

We also offer custom engraving on many items including water bottles, bottle openers, Chicago Screws, and much, much, more. In time this section will be created to help showcase those items and how to get ahold of us to work on your next project. 

Current Clients include 

The El Bar 
Underground Arts 
The Bowery Presents
Dye Hard Fan 
Bad Company Inc 
Philly Fat Con
The Dharma Brigade
Stubborn Records
215 Tattoo Club
Black Vulture Gallery
Below Black Tattoo
Magic Eye Tattoo
Philly Waste Softball Team
Pinelands Coffee Roasters
FSC Soccer
Philly Soul Syndicate
Leon Rainbow
Lugs Not Drugs
Bearfight FC
Strange Gent Candles 
Hallpatter Brewing Co. 
Corsa IFP 
Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen
Todd Martin Studio 

Bands We have worked with 

The Last Resort
The Pietasters
Blank 77 
The Anti-Heros 
Monkey of the Adicts 
Crazy and the Brains
Crossed Keys
The Way of
The Negative Nancys
The Sunshine Melodies
Rude Girl Revue
Backroad Burners
Grey Cell 
The Deflators
Done Deal
Johnny Zabo
Ritual Earth
Tangled Up
Blood Geyser
Nihilist Action Plan 
The Pogos
Riverside Odds
The Last Responders
Sean K Preston
Kiss Boom Bah
Diamond Dogz
Jenny Woo
Might Makes Right
Wayward Brigade
The Hawks
Hub City Stompers
Leather Catsuit
Gaylen Waling
Chelsea Lyn Meyer
Bikini Spiders
The Preps
Duffy's Cut
Dive in the Box
Josh Alverez (Crossed Keys)
Tim Karns (The Toasters)
Backroad Burners
Bad Moves
Resting Punk Face
Rusty Pigeon
Battalion Zoska
Sons of Liberty
South Class Veterans
The Last Call  
The Noid
Violent Unrest
Velvet Shelter
Ultra Sect